About Us

About Crete Bike Rentals, best scooter hire in the Chania region

Welcome to our new bike rental website.

Established 2018 - we have a range of brand new scooters and motor bikes for hire.

We offer a professional service at a fair price.

Please browse our selection of rental bikes and scooters, then use our contact form to reserve your chosen rental bike. Now you are ready to start exploring the wonderful places that can be found on the Arkrotiri peninsular, Chania and further afield.

Akrotiri - The beaches of Kalathas, Stavros, Tersanas, Marathi, Loutraki and the hidden gem that is Seitan Limana. Not only are these beaches spectacular but you will also find some very good places to eat too?

Chania - Visit this beautiful city on one of our city rental scooters where you will find interesting history, Minoan, Venetian, Roman - Chania Archaelogical Museaum is fascinating and it only takes about 1 hour to view all the artifacts. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the venetian harbour with its quaint streets full of small shops, bars and good restaurants.

Ancient Aptera - for history lovers, less than an hour on your rental scooter could take you to the Ancient city of Aptera where you will find the ruins of a major Roman city built on top of Minoan ruins - visit the amazing amphitheatre that was recently excavated or the Turkish fort that is close to the site - then finish off with a nice cool drink and some good traditional Greek food at one of the tavernas in Aptera village. Highly recommended!

We at Crete Bike Rentals look forward to meeting you and providing your rental bike or scooter for your holiday